Cyber Security Company- Sparks, NV 

As you create and improve your company’s processes, cyber security may be your biggest threat. Automation has become a necessity in business. This leads to more digital data made accessible to employees. Network security is essential for business owners to establish a growing business.


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Professional Cyber Security Company 

iTernal Networks provides cyber security services to businesses in the Sparks, NV area. We help companies grow without interruptions from security threats and data loss. When a small business experiences a cyber attack, it may never recover. 

 iTernal Networks helps companies be proactive against cyber security issues. The aspects of business most vulnerable to attacks are: 

  • customer records
  • business correspondence information
  • information about intellectual property
  • financial information
  • customer credit card information
  • employee records

 What are you protecting this information from? It’s important to know the potential threats so you can create a strategy to protect your company. Hackers come after your critical information in the following ways: 

  • web-based attacks
  • ransomware attacks
  • phishing and social media attacks
  • malware infection
  • cross-site sculpting
  • SQL injections
  • compromised and stolen devices

Invest in Your Company’s Reputation

When you invest in cyber security services, you invest in protecting your company’s reputation. Once customers learn their information is no longer safe with you, rebuilding that trust is an uphill battle. 

 If you experience a cyber security threat that may affect your customers and clients, you are required to notify them. If you fail to notify your customers you open your company up to potential lawsuits and fines. 

Customized Security Measures 

You will also spend time and money getting the threat out of your system. At iTernal Network, we focus on proactive solutions that create a strong business continuity plan. 

 You will lose customers, revenue, and time with security breaches. Put your company in the hands of a trusted security provider. A security company will help you with: 

  • a business continuity plan
  • keeping business data safe
  • growth towards business objectives
  • monitoring systems
  • compliance strategies
  • employee training

 Many innocent employee behaviors can put your company at risk. We help you with ongoing employee training so that your employees are up to date on critical security practices.   

 Call or fill out a form so that we can answer any of your questions. We will provide a risk assessment of your current security protections before coming up with the custom security strategy that fits your business goals. 

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