Are you searching for a cyber security company in Paradise, NV? Do you not completely trust your current antivirus software and wish that there was a better way to protect your sensitive financial information from a hacker or cyberattack? 


Choosing to hire a cyber security company in the Paradise, NV area can help solve these issues and prevent your company from making the local news after a major data breach. 


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Trust a Cyber Security Company In Paradise, NV

iTernal Networks provides cyber security services to businesses in Paradise, NV

Most companies have some form of antivirus or security software already installed on their computer system to help protect their information against cyberattacks. Unfortunately, a hacker can usually work around these systems, quietly wreaking havoc on your data and networks before you receive any type of report about it.

Using an IT company that specializes in cyber security can help prevent this from happening with the use of advanced computer programs, 24/7 monitoring, and by installing software patches and updates as they’re released. 

Additionally, cyber security companies are often more current on IT and hacking news than most people, helping them to be proactive, not reactive to various threats. 

How iTernal Networks Protects Your Information

There are three major verticals that we focus on when it comes to cyber security: password management, end-user training, and network security. The combination of these three aspects will provide your business with a complete and comprehensive solution to all of your security needs. 

Our password management system allows users to avoid having to remember and input their password every day; it also prevents employees from having to contact IT to reset their password. 

This system uses strong encryption to protect information, locks former employees out of the system immediately, and allows co-works to share credentials securely. 

Human error is one of the leading causes of cyber security breaches yet is simple to prevent when employees have the best information. We work with your staff to teach them security best practices, offer ongoing weekly training, explain the risks of personal mobile devices on public wi-fi, and help to design and implement new security policies. 

Our managed security solution, V-Shield, is a cost-friendly cloud-based system that helps to prevent breaches and allows you to respond quickly to any attack. This solution offers data loss prevention, remotely managed settings, and is simple to setup. 

Protect Your Sensitive Information

If you’re ready to rest easier at night, knowing that your sensitive information and financial data is protected, you need a cyber security company in Paradise. Don’t wait for the news that a hacker has breached your system and don’t rely on a security report from generic software.

Call iTernal Networks for more information about our robust cyber security services and protect your business’ digital assets today!

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