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Does your business need cloud services in Summerlin? Are you searching for the right computing and network technologies for your group or organization? 

Making the decision to migrate to the cloud can be a big one and can become complicated quickly. Using the supported services of a company local to Las Vegas can help ease this transition.


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What Are Cloud Services?

The cloud is an on-demand computing solution that offers the ability to access your data and network from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection. 

Cloud services can encompass the computing technologies related to the cloud including virtual workstations, hosted email, data backup and storage, as well as VoIP. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing Technologies 

Cloud computing technologies offer a wide range of benefits including scalability, flexibility, mobility, security, and cost-savings. 

Cloud computing is easy to scale - if you happen to require more computing resources in a given month, your bill will simply increase without any disruption to services. This scalability creates flexibility; these computing resources are also flexible in the fact that you can choose how much your business uses the cloud versus on-site storage. 

Because your cloud can be accessed anywhere in the world via an internet connection by an authorized user, your business will also increase its mobility. Cloud technologies can also allow your business to find and hire the top talent in your industry, regardless of location. 

Cloud computing is generally known to be secure because of the various measures that can be used to protect your data and connections. This can give you peace of mind but also help to ensure that your business data remains safe. 

Finally, the cloud offers cost-savings by limiting the amount of unplanned downtime your business experiences and can allow you to limit the amount of money spent each month on rent for computing resource storage. 

Cloud Services in Summerlin and Las Vegas

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with cloud computing technologies is the fact that the transition is often a less than smooth experience. By working with an experienced IT service provider, you can minimize these issues and ensure that your cloud migration is a seamless one. 

At iTernal Networks, we provide business owners with the help and support they need before, during, and after their transition to cloud computing

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