Looking for backup and disaster recovery in Las Vegas? Has your Las Vegas business planned for continuity by ensuring that there are backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, should a major, natural catastrophe occur? If you aren’t sure, iTernal Networks is here to help you complete a disaster recovery plan that includes both software and data.


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Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

First of all, you should understand what we mean by backup and disaster recovery. In the event of a major emergency, – be it an online attack, natural disaster, or a man-made tragedy – your business could lose a large portion of data and/or access to software services.

Cloud-based backup and storage of previous files and data will enable speedy access to your information, allowing you quickly return to normalcy.

Disaster recovery is planning to have the correct system in place that connects your previously backed up and stored data to the physical location of operations.

At iTernal Networks, we help businesses prepare for the unthinkable by offering customized backup and disaster recovery planning. No business is the same as the next which means every plan will be different to allow for the best chances of success to recover from a disaster.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Las Vegas has a history of flooding, earthquakes, and even terrorism – all of which can negatively impact a business that doesn’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan!

Don’t wait until after a major disaster to realize the need for these services. Instead, call iTernal Networks today to begin planning a complete solution for business continuity!

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