Looking for backup and disaster recovery in Henderson? As a small business owner in Henderson, you must have a strategy for backup and disaster recovery in the event of a major catastrophe, cyber attack, or natural event. Unfortunately, many small business owners learn this fact the hard way: after they lose their data, files, and software and are no longer able to access any of it.


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When disaster strikes a business that doesn’t have backup and disaster recovery plan, that company can run the risk of losing important data and files; they may also never make a full recovery, ultimately leading to the failure of the organization.

Our Solution to Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up refers to the process of regularly saving all files, software, and data, usually to the cloud. Disaster recovery plans focus on how you will obtain a secure copy of those backed up files and ensuring the proper systems are connected in order for you to access the information.

Any type of major event is going to be stressful but with the proper recovery planning, it won’t completely disrupt business operations. At iTernal Networks, we believe that every small business should have access to data backups and recovery planning which is why we offer completely customized plans!

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